Japan Has Created Holographic Images That You Can Actually Touch

Entertainment Editor
01.01.16 4 Comments

In a breakthrough that may change post-mortem 2Pac concerts for the rest of time, Japanese scientists have created a machine that clones objects into holographic images that people can actually touch. Thus rendering all of Star Wars’ and in general science fiction’s greatest tropes out of date and behind the times. Imagine it: “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope,” and then Obi Wan kind of pushes Princess Leia over gently with his finger.

That’s the type of interaction you can have thanks to Haptoclone, which was developed at the University of Tokyo and could have a major impact on the world as we know it. The way it works for the user is simple – place an object in one box, and a hologram of the object appears in another box. You can gently touch the hologram and it will react to your touch, which you can feel.

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