Hulu Is Up For Sale, If You’re In The Market For A Streaming Service

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04.08.13 6 Comments

Hulu is the streaming service that nobody talks about. While Netflix gets Arrested Development and Amazon Instant Video lets you buy everything else, Hulu kind of chugs along, offering art movies and recent episodes of TV shows.

But it might be headed in a new direction, if Peter Chernin has his way.

Peter Chernin is a former Fox executive who helped build Hulu before splitting to form his own media company. Mostly you know Chernin Entertainment for The New Girl and its beloved boobfights, but you might soon know him as a guy who wants your eight bucks a month.

According to reports, Chernin put in a $500 million bid to buy Hulu from its current owners, News Corp. and Disney. It’s less than surprising that Hulu is on the block as neither Disney nor News Corp. really have any idea what to do with it: Their previous plan was to sell the whole thing to one or the other person, but neither could figure out if they actually wanted it.

It’s especially weird because Hulu is hardly a money sink: It pulled in $700 million in revenue last year. That’s nowhere close to Netflix money but that’s still a decent chunk of change, especially for a streaming service.

Hopefully Chernin can turn Hulu into a bit more of a competitor… or at least give the little guy some moral support.

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