Humans Have An Arousal Response To Touching A Robot’s Bathing Suit Area

Entertainment Editor

As the only writer here named “Robo Panda,” it behooves me to bring this to your attention. It is my responsibility, nay, my privilege to inform you that humans have an arousal response when they touch a robot’s genital region. Heh heh. Yeah they do.

In very important research conducted at Stanford University, Jamy Li and his team tasked four women and six men with touching and pointing at different parts of a friendly little Aldebaran Robotics Nao robot’s body. Some of the parts were “easily accessible” like the hand, while other parts were “less accessible” like the buttocks. But let’s be honest, all the parts of this robot are accessible, the little minx.

Just listen to what the robot says to the test subjects. “Sometimes I’ll ask you to touch my body and sometimes I’ll ask you to point to my body.” Nice. But it only gets sexier from there. “When I ask you to touch me, please touch me with your… dominant hand.”

Awwwww, yeah.

Seriously, though, not since the Atlas robot and the Chinese sperm extractor robot have we been so thoroughly creeped out by something made for legitimate ends.

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