The iPhone X’s Animoji Are Unleashing Dad Jokes And Karaoke On Twitter

From the moment Apple introduced Face ID on the iPhone X, the question became “What practical use does this have?” There’s still no answer to that question, but the iPhone X’s first buyers have quickly decided that there is a core use it must be put to: Making Apple’s animoji sing Queen, talk like Trump, and otherwise screw around like obscene Looney Tunes. Warning, some not-precisely-work-safe videos in the collection below!

Since the first iPhone X’s have arrived, so have the emoji videos. There is, of course, some gloating:

And of course, some screwing around (if you’re detecting a theme, yes, the chicken emoji does indeed turn up a lot):

By far the most common use is making adorable animals sing sometimes wildly inappropriate songs:

But really, this technology seems engineered for the dad joke. Many, many parents appear to be using this to troll their children:

Also, Keith Olbermann got one and has been unleashing his inner Mike Huckabee:

So, yeah, expect a lot of these videos to turn up and keep turning up until they flame out like every other meme, or become a common mode of communication. A world where everybody logs in as an emoji to the work chat and you see an alien call out Carol from Accounting, who is a fox, while Bob from HR, as the chicken, tries to be the mediator is a potential future just a few years away. Well, we can’t say we weren’t warned.