There’s A Solution To The New iPhone 7 Lacking A Headphone Jack

When Apple released details of the soon-to-be-released iPhone 7, Apple aficionados had their fears confirmed when Cupertino hotshots announced that the newest phone will not include a headphone jack. What are Apple fans going to do with all of their standard 3.5 mm celebrity branded headphones that aren’t equipped with Bluetooth technology?

The folks at Mashable stumbled upon what seems to be a leaked video from a Vietnamese company who are manufacturing dongles for the iPhone 7 that will allow users to use so-called ‘outdated’ headphones with a 3.5 mm. The dongle attaches to the phone’s lightning port which means it’s proprietary to Apple. Despite the dongle being tiny, it is yet another item iPhone users will need to bring them when they leave the house. It’s bad enough that battery life is atrocious especially when playing a certain popular game causing iPhone users to carry wall chargers, lightning cables, and portable charging devices with them so they can go about their day without a dead phone, but now they will need to tote this with them as well, and seeing the size of it, it looks like it will get lost in your bag instantly. We’re unsure if Apple will do us a solid and include this minute cord with every iPhone 7, or it will have to be purchased separately. How much do you think Apple will charge for something like this? Better yet, how much would you spend on this petite cord before you jump on the S.S. Android?

(Via Mashable)