Bask In The Glow Of The Japanese Love Bra That Can Only Be Opened With ‘True Love’

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Leave it to the Japanese to create technology that will revolutionize the bra for future generations. Frank Constanza be damned!

Japanese lingerie maker Ravijour is behind the bra technology that only opens when the wearer experiences the sensations of “true love.” And what is true love? What if I’m on a date and her bra comes flying open at dinner? Does that mean she is in love with her Filet-o-fish? Here’s at it actually looks via io9:

When excited, the adrenal medulla secretes catechlomine, which affects the automatic nerve, and stimulates the heart rate. A built-in sensor reads the woman’s heart-rate signal and sends it to a special app via Bluetooth for analysis. the app then calculates the True Love Rate based on changes in the heart rate over time. When the True Love Rate exceeds a certain value, the bra hook is opened automatically.

Sounds delightful. The bra is not for purchase yet, probably because the world is not ready for such technology. Luckily, a select few will be able to test the bra according to Kotaku:

But as NicoNico reports, the True Love Tester is currently not for sale. But! If you purchase over 5,000 yen (about US$50) worth of Ravijour lingerie, you can enter to win a chance to test it out at hotels in six different cities (you pick the city!) across Japan. Five lucky couples will be selected.

So if you buy $50 dollars worth of inferior, obsolete lingerie, you can take the Cadillac of bras out for a spin and see if your relationship is based on the truest of loves. I’m putting my money on no.

I’m also throwing some money on this bra being attached to a bunch of wires and cords. And possibly catching on fire.

Japanese Love Bra

Yes. Exactly like that.

(Via Kotaku / Ravijour)

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