The Notorious $400 Silicon Valley Juicer Is Getting Slammed In Reviews

Life & Culture Editor


Let me tell you something: You don’t need a $400 juicer. In fact, no one needs a $400 juicer. It doesn’t matter if it connects to the internet. I don’t care if the juicer produces near-perfect counterfeit bills every time you use it. Even if the founder of said juice company refers to himself — with no irony — as the Steve Jobs of juicing (a thing that has actually happened, per Bloomberg). You just don’t “need it,” strictly speaking.

And yet, so many people wanted this juicer. It was efficient! It could take pre-packaged fruit packs and turn them into juice, leaving you satisfied without making a mess! It was so powerful, its founder, Doug Evans, claimed, that it would punish the plants you fed to it with four tons of unrelenting force. And that was enough hype for Silicon Valley to throw more than 100 million dollars into the cold press.

This was the juicer that would change juicing forever. The one people would be talking about for decades to come. It would be a household name, like Beyonce or Ajax!

And yet… reality was not so kind.

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