Just In Time For Valentine’s Day, Lovematically Helps You Be Fake Prolific Liker On Social Media

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02.14.14 3 Comments

facebook firehose

We’ve all done it, at some point; just scrolled through our social media feed and “liked” or “favorited” the hell out of everything. Maybe it’s because we desperately want attention, maybe we’ve got nothing to say but still want the world to acknowledge us, or maybe we’re trolling. Fortunately, Lovematically allows you to take the drudgery out of mindlessly pressing buttons like a monkey.

We’ll give Lovematically’s developer Rameet Chawla credit, though, for being upfront about why this even exists. Yes, it really is all about the ego-stroking:

I built it 3 months ago, and since then, I’ve averaged more than 30 new followers per day, totaling to just over 2,700 followers since inception. Since then, I’ve also noticed the reciprocal love coming in. Pre-Lovematically, my posts would average 35 likes. Now, I routinely hit the triple-digits for Likes.

Oh, he’s not done yet. He follows it up with this nugget:

And then, I got a text from an ex while I was at home visiting family that said, “Hi! Would you do me a favor and unfollow me on Instagram or at least stop liking all my pictures? I don’t especially want to have you in my universe. You can play that game with other girls but not me. Thanks!” For me, that really summarized the power of likes. It shocked me how a simple double tap could drive someone to send that message, risking sounding absolutely insane.

Yes, she’s the one who sounds crazy, here. Not you! Not the guy who comes off as automating his harassment of his ex over social media! You’re perfectly sane! Honest!

Anyway, if you too want to annoy every human being around you on Instagram and come off like either a creepy stalker or profoundly insincere, Lovematically is currently in beta. We’re sure it will be used completely ethically and not at all for dishonest purposes. 100% sure.

(Image courtesy of John G. Evans on Flickr.)

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