Lady Gaga Joins Forces With Farmville To Create ‘Gagaville’


An admission: Farmville kind of makes my head spin. When you really stop and think about, it’s a subculture within a subculture within a subculture, and trying to wrap my brain around that makes me feel as though my brain is going to explode like a can of Fanta left in the sun for too long. In that way, it’s sort of like Lady Gaga to me. An enigma of sorts. But they’re both huge. Ridiculously so. Lady Gaga just hit 10 million Twitter followers! So it only makes perfect sense that the two enigmas would join forces, in what appears to be a not-so-thinly-veiled attempt to murder me.

Here’s what Techcrunch reported about the evolving Gaga/Farmville dynasty — officially known as Gagaville — a few days ago…

On May 17, Lady Gaga and Zynga will unveil, GagaVille – a neighboring farm on FarmVille, which is a Gaga inspired farm in-gam. GagaVille will showcase Lady Gaga’s style and themes from the album and videos (crystals, unicorns, sheep on motorcycles); and gamers will have exclusive access in Farmville to songs from the artists’s new album “Born This Way” before the album is released later in the month. From May 17 to 19, players can unlock and stream a new un-released track per day. And from May 20 to 23, players can unlock and stream a significant portion of songs from the new album, plus special bonus remixes.

Additionally, Zynga $25 Game Cards, which will be available at Best Buy, will include a free download of Lady Gaga’s new album plus exclusive bonus tracks, exclusive Gaga virtual goods, and more.

Now guess what today is? That’s right, May 17th, which means it’s live, and here’s what Gagaville looks like

Yeah, that’s about what I would have expected. Jesus.

And here’s a promotional video Zynga, the brains behind Farmville, put out in conjunction with the whole Gagaville thing…

Maybe there is something to the predictions that the rapture will take place this Saturday night.

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