Mathematical! A Real BMO From ‘Adventure Time’ Was Built From LEGO And A $35 Computer.

We’ve celebrated our love for Adventure Time with GIFs on two separate occasions, and now one of the characters, BMO, has been re-created in real life. Better yet, this real-life BMO was made with LEGO and a Raspberry Pi, the $35 computer that’s smaller than a deck of playing cards and runs Linux with enough graphics power to play 1080p videos.

This is a fully functional portable Raspberry Pi Linux computer. This means it can do pretty much anything you can think of. Plays video, plays games, surfs the web, and more! Of course it cannot make toast, or skateboard like the real BMO… [Michael Thomas via Geekologie]


Thomas made this LEGO BMO from the Model B Raspberry Pi (700Mhz, 512Mb RAM), a 2.5″ TFT display from adafruit, a 4GB SD card running Raspbian Linux OS, a $25 external battery, and some various other bits. He displayed it at Brickcon last weekend.

This is definitely the coolest merging of LEGO and Raspberry Pi we’ve seen since the dirt cheap parallel computer. But still not as cool as a merging of LEGO and raspberry pie. Mmmm, crunchy.