Molson, Being Canadian, Made The Most Heartwarming Beer Commercial Ever

Canadians are stereotypically a polite people. Having lived near Quebec, I can confirm this is true, albeit it comes with a tradeoff in that Canadian hicks are even scarier than the Trailer Park Boys would have you believe. So Molson decided to play off this stereotype to advertise their beer in Europe.

Molson took a beer fridge across Europe, in both busy locations and the middle of nowhere, chock full of Molson Canadian free for the taking. One catch: the fridge would only open for Canadians who happened to have their passport handy. Needless to say, eventually some Canadian shares mid-range lager with the world,

Molson is actually pretty good at playing off of Canadian national pride, although they’re not above making jokes about how all Canadians chase beaver. But it is kind of adorable how these tourists manage to make an entire crowd of Europeans happy and drunk just by being Canadian. And hey, it beats having to stare at the fridge for an hour to get the goods.