Movie Studio Employees Are Pirating Lots of Movies

So, yeah, all those horrible nasty pirates that the MPAA is insisting are killing their record profits are apparently their own employees.

TorrentFreak, obviously not a fan of the Stop Online Piracy Act, decided to give Hollywood a taste of its own medicine. You see, some Russians put together a BitTorrent equivalent of WikiScan called that tells you exactly what an IP address has pulled off the rushing torrents of the Internet. So, all TorrentFreak did was find the IP address range of major companies and run them through YouHaveDownloaded’s tools.

Guess what they found!

TorrentFreak makes the point that the individual people working for a corporation are not the corporation, which is true, but quite frankly, it’s a bit telling that most entries are, ahem, the products of competitors. Gee, guys, we wouldn’t happen to have a little policy or anything about watching the movies of the competition without paying for them, would we?