MTV Used FatBooth On The Victoria’s Secret Angels

Senior Writer
12.06.11 7 Comments

Last week, as the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was airing on CBS, the enterprising minds at MTV Fora were asking a very important question – would these Angels be so universally adored if they were overweight? And guys everywhere stopped and asked, “How much beer are we talking about?” So with the help of the iPad app FatBooth, MTV took some of the most beautiful women in the world and turned them into Michelin women.
The results? Well, they say that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and yes, that is my incredibly polite way of saying that I’m not touching this. You see, I love women of all shapes and sizes and beauty means nothing to me. NOTHING! However, money means everything to me, so if they made a bunch of photos showing these women as penniless street urchins, then I would probably throw hot coffee on my monitor.
However, I trust that the people of the Internet can be far more useful at determining true beauty, so have at it, you scallywags.

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