Your Old MySpace Account Is So Easy To Hijack, Your Grandma Could Do It

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Back in the early days of the internet, it was naively believed that MySpace would rule the web forever, Tom eternally one of your friends. But even Tom has moved on to Twitter (and being the subject of bizarre accusations on Maury), and MySpace has been left behind. Just like in a horror movie, MySpace was buried and left for dead without anybody checking to see if it was truly dead. It’s not, and like the undead, it’s shambling back to terrify us all with how easily it can be hijacked.

A security researcher, out cleaning up loose ends, discovered that MySpace hadn’t bothered to update their security procedures in, literally, a decade. To hijack your MySpace, all that’s needed is your name, your username, and your birthday. The first two are easy to find, and the other can be dug up fairly easily if you know your social engineering. So basically your MySpace might already be hijacked.

To be fair, unless you left your credit cards lying around, there’s not much a hacker can do other than try to impersonate you on a platform that no one visits, or attempt to breach your other accounts. Still, if you have a MySpace account that’s lurking in the past, now’s the time to go clean that up. After all, it’s not like you have to worry about forgetting your password.

(via Tech Times)

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