These ‘Smart Chairs’ Have A Mind Of Their Own And Park Themselves

Smart phones have been around for a long time, so it’s time that we got ourselves some smart chairs for our corporate board rooms and home offices. On that note, behold the Intelligent Parking Chair, created by Nissan. The company has made a snazzy video of these self-parking chairs, set to some even snazzier jazz music.

In this mesmerizing video, we spy on these chairs via camera phone and security footage. An office drone gets up and claps, then these chairs wheel themselves into place, whether into an empty space around a large conference table, or to an individual desk or cubicle.

The rest of the video then compares the Intelligent Parking Chair to the Intelligent Parking Assist feature in new Nissan vehicles. Just as you can press buttons on your car screens that help you turn and reverse without hitting anything, you can apparently sit in this chair and do the same thing.

The video also shows all the chips and motors that go into these self parking chairs, and tells you that it can control them over wifi. It ends with a woman clapping and then squealing as the chair starts moving towards its ultimate destination. Just think what the last season of The Office would’ve been like if this technology existed back then.