OKCupid’s Blind Date App Next In A Long Line Of Dating Apps With Huge Privacy Flaws

Look, we’re not trying to tell you what to do with your life, but downloading an app to meet a total stranger on OKCupid for a blind date is a bad idea. Like, Manti Te’o bad. And that’s before you get to the fact that it’s yet another dating app that’s a complete privacy nightmare.

The app, Crazy Blind Date, is self-explanatory. You use the app, pick a time and place, and somebody from OKCupid shows up, and hopefully does not own a lot of duct tape, and roofies, or a van. Seriously, what planet do people live on that this is a good idea?

Anyway, the idea is that you know nothing about the person, but thanks to a technical glitch… not so much:

On Tuesday morning, OkCupid.com launched a mobile app called Crazy Blind Date that promises to take much of the decision-making and profile-scouring out of online dating. You name a time and venue, they find you a blind date. But there was one problem: The software behind Crazy Blind Date made users’ email addresses and full birth dates accessible to anyone with the right technical skills.

Apparently, nobody took advantage of the glitch before it was found, and CEO Sam Yagan apologized, saying it was a “typo”. So, if you plan on using Crazy Blind Date, all you need to worry about is the roofies, duct tape and van.