Piece Together Last Night’s Drunken Escapades With The ‘Drunk Mode’ App

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Alcohol and smartphones are never a good combination. Ever. Preventing the damnable offspring of their unholy union is the main impetus behind Joshua Anton’s “Drunk Mode” app, which is currently available in beta for iOS and Android devices.

According to the Huffington Post:

The app’s main purposes are to stop drunk students from making calls they wish they never made, and to help students look out for themselves and each other. If used correctly, the app is meant to make intoxicated outings safer — both physically and socially.

Given the target market, many of the app’s beta and proposed features (like “Stop Drunk Dialing” and “The Hype Map”) are meant for partying college students. Yet the emphasis on safety (with “Find My Drunk” and “Find a Ride”) is just as prevalent. Anton was inspired to develop the app after handling a drunk phone call from a friend.

Business Insider notes the app runs for “between 3 and 12 hours — but can be disabled early by solving a maths sum.” It’s little fits of brilliance like this (math is a known antagonist of college students and drunks everywhere) that convince me of Anton’s ingenuity with the “Drunk Mode” app.

The current beta release offers the “Find My Drunk,” “Breadcrumbs,” and “Stop Drunk Dialing” features:

With the full February 2015 release, new features like “Find a Ride,” “Recovery Mode,” “Night Time Enhancers,” and “The Hype Map” will offer users further protections and social enhancements:

For more on the “Drunk Mode” app, check out its Indiegogo campaign page for details, descriptions, and dreams of a future where insobriety and intelligent personal devices can mingle without fail. And maths.

Source: Huffington Post and Business Insider

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