Pinterest Thinks It’s Worth $2.5 Billion

Pinterest, the site every female you know below the age of forty is on constantly, is looking for people to give it more money since it doesn’t actually make any money itself. So basically it wants $2.5 billion for existing. It’ll probably have to settle for $1.6 billion.

Although, to be fair, if you’re looking to advertise to Caucasian females between the ages of 25 and 49, the site would be great. You know, if it ran ads.

Pinterest was quite the 2012 standout, growing by more than 1,000 percent year-over-year, according to Nielsen. In December, Nielsen pinned Pinterest’s U.S. Web traffic at 27.2 million unique visitors. On mobile, the analytics firm figured, the pinning site had 4.9 million unique application users and a mobile Web audience of 14.3 mobile people.

That’s a pretty big audience for any social network, and it has the benefit of being targeted in a way most networks can only dream of. Although Pinterest isn’t without liability problems, considering the people who actually own those images are sometimes less than happy about their pictures being shared for no money.

It’s predicted that Pinterest is looking for an “up round,” basically meaning the backers of the company want other people to pay more than they did to inflate the value of their stock. Apparently only $1.7 billion is feasible for a company that has literally no way, currently, of making money.

Hey, venture backers, you know who deserves $1.7 billion for existing? The Pintester, the brave woman who actually takes the hideous sounding recipes and home beauty regimes tacked all over the site and tries them. Seriously, give her a billion dollars. It’d be a better use of society’s fruits.