Politician Believes Cell Phone Gun Exists

There are many things our smartphones can do that they probably shouldn’t: Find strip clubs, download junky privacy destroying apps, and, according to one Connecticut politician, fire off projectiles.


We’d love to say we’re pranking you with an Onion article, but apparently this is something that Joe Verrengia, a Democratic state representative from West Hartford, actually believes. When asked why he was fighting a law that would let people sue police officers who try to keep private citizens from filming them, Verrengia stated that:

“At the end of the day I don’t think it’s anyone’s intention in this legislature to compromise the safety of our police officers, but that’s exactly what this bill does,” Verrengia said.

“Police officers don’t like anyone coming up to them and pointing anything in their direction,” Verrengia said explaining that some cellphones can shoot projectiles.

To be fair, the first half of Verrengia’s statement is pretty sensible. There is not really a police officer that enjoys having things pointed at them, which is why most photographers make sure their cameras don’t resemble guns.

It’s the whole “cellphones shooting projectiles” thing that kinda makes us scratch our heads. True, there are items like the iLaunch Thunder, and cases like the Spraytect. But we’re pretty sure the reporter is referring to the actual phone itself firing projectiles at somebody.

Hey, maybe he’s got the inside line. Who knows? Apple may soon debut the ultimate in touchscreen control: The iGun.