Politwoops Saves Tweets Deleted By Politicians So We Can Laugh At Their Stupidity

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Twitter has been a surprising make-or-break tool this election. First, Romney spokesman Richard Grenell barely got the job before his asinine tweets about how Rachel Maddow looks like Justin Bieber lit up the Internet, especially when he tried to delete them. And just yesterday, Mitt Romney got another Twitter beating when his official iPhone app misspelled America.

And, of course, there’s the dadaist genius of Chuck Grassley. But a site called Politwoops, which collects tweets deleted from politician’s Twitter accounts, shows how they suck in a whole different way.

The site, courtesy of the Sunlight Foundation and based on an idea from the Netherlands, simply collects deleted tweets: it shows the tweet, when it was posted, and how long it stayed up. And that’s where you really see how they suck: most of these tweets are completely boring and utterly inoffensive…and only stay up for about twelve seconds before even the person posting them realizes nobody cares and hits the delete button.

So at least America’s politicians are doing something right.

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