The Best Prime Day Tech Deals [UPDATING]

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07.11.17 3 Comments


Happy Amazon Prime Day! Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? We here at Uproxx are here to help. If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to take a look at our five golden rules for Prime Day, as well as a list of all of the apps you’re going to need to ensure a successful deal nabbing experience.

Prime Day is usually a nightmare for tech fans, who have to wade out among the off-brand electronics and seemingly bottomless collections of one item or another (this year, creepily, it’s surveillance cameras) to find the deals. So, we’re taking the liberty of curating the deals as the sale rolls out, picking out the stuff worth buying and that you’ll actually use.

Lenovo Tab 3


Goes Live: 3:19pm
Why You Should Watch This Deal: Tablets are good to have around the house, but they’re not generally worth getting if they’re cheap. The Lenovo Tab is the rare exception; it’s already pretty cheap and this deal will likely be even cheaper. If you’re not a fan of Amazon’s ‘ecosystem’ of software, this is a good alternative to the Kindle Fire

EasyAcc Double-deck Multi-device Charging Organization Station

Goes Live: 4:19pm
Why You Should Watch This Deal: If you’re in a household with a lot of tablets, phones, and chargers, this little sorter is a good way to keep them all in one place, and keep your cords out of the way.

Esinkin Bluetooth Audio Adapter


Goes Live: 5:39pm
Why You Should Watch This Deal: If you’re a music fan with a great hi-fi, this little guy makes it easy to connect to just about any stereo and run your Spotify playlists, digital music, and other sounds through it.

Acer Switch Alpha


Goes Live: 5:59pm
Why You Should Watch This Deal: The Switch, not to be mistaken for the Nintendo console (good luck getting that on sale!) is a “transformer” that can switch from tablet to laptop with ease.

1byOne Turntable


Goes Live: 6:39pm
Why You Should Watch This Deal: Vinyl is coming back, and that means you need a turntable. But this turntable also ensures that you can put your music on MP3 and take it with you, and play back MP3s.

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Ultimate Starter Kit


Goes Live: 8:19pm
Why You Should Watch This Deal: If you’re interested in learning how computers work, or building your own gadgets, there’s no better place to start than the Raspberry Pi. Kids especially will love this starter kit.

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