Raunchy Pornography Rag The New Yorker Banned From Facebook

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09.13.12 4 Comments

Let’s face it, the New Yorker is the last word in perversion and filth, if you’re making upper six figures, own a house in the Hamptons, and have no access whatsoever to the Internet. The rest of us view the New Yorker as that magazine that isn’t Highlights at the dentist’s office.

And yet, the New Yorker was temporarily yanked from Facebook for violating their standards on “Nudity and Sex.” For a cartoon. With boobs in it.

Yes, apparently fourteen-year-old girls can post bikini pics, grown men can post GIFs of Kate Upton bouncing up and down and up and down, but the New Yorker can not put two dots of ink on two line drawings intended to represent breasts. Here’s what happened, and why.

First, the offending cartoon:

Yeah, pretty typical New Yorker. But it was enough to get their page yanked, because of nipples.

As the New Yorker pointed out, Facebook’s rules are a bit vague and absurd about this: Photos and cartoons depicting any sort of sexual activity or nudity get yanked. They had their page restored but Facebook’s infamous customer service was a wee bit recalcitrant over the cartoon.

It’s mostly a valuable reminder that Facebook is not covered by the First Amendment: It’s their network, and they can throw you off of it. Even over cartoon nipples, for some reason.

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