New iPhone Rumors Hint That Rose Gold is No More

08.11.17 7 months ago


The many colors of the iPhone have divided Apple’s fan base for years. But, love it or hate it, rose gold is one of the more popular case colors. However, a new round of rumors are claiming that the iPhone 8 will be doing away with it in favor of “copper gold,” i.e. bronze.

The rumor, coming from YouTuber Danny Wingert’s display of supposed iPhone 8 mockups, shows off iPhone 8s in the expected white and black, but instead of gold, or the more popular rose gold, there’s a bronze version. Supposedly, these will be the only three colors when the phone ships.

Of course, that’s a bit up in the air, and it’s worth noting that come September, Apple is expected to announce a whole bunch of iPhones. It’s unlikely that the “business class” iPhones will lack the past color schemes — especially when they sell well and when Apple has the manufacturing capacity in place. That said, the rumor is credible to longtime Apple watchers for several reasons. Here’s one: Apple wants the iPhone 8 to be a shift in the line, catapulting the iPhone back to the forefront of the world it created in 2007. Repeating past color schemes would imply the iPhone 8 is just a new edition of the same old thing, not something entirely new.

On a more practical level, Apple is fully aware that the iPhone is as much a status symbol as a piece of technology. From a marketing perspective, offering an ‘exclusive’ color to iPhone 8 purchasers would cater to that particular urge, like it or not. Hey, some people need to feel special. We’ll see just what Apple has in store come September.

(Via Cosmopolitan)

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