The Sacramento Kings Will Livestream Their Games Via Google Glasses Worn By Players & Announcers

Google Glass is slowly coming into focus as a product, as people who actually need it code for it. And while the latest users of Google Glass aren’t firefighters, at least they’re using it in an interesting way.

The Sacramento Kings have decided to start livestreaming games through Glass on the faces of players and announcers. And they’ve posted a video to show just what it’ll look like:

Before you ask, yes, there is a goofy hashtag: They’re using #kingsgoglass, in preparation for the concept’s official launch on Friday. These livestreaming shots will go straight to the jumbotron; sadly, you will not be able to stream the game on the Internet straight from a player’s face, although we can dream. And admittedly, some shots in that video were better chosen than others; who thought including video of Rudy Gay’s crotch was a great idea? Really, crotches and jumbotrons just do not go together as a general rule.

But, either way, while it’s not exactly saving lives, it’s still an interesting use of the technology, and it’ll probably add some flavor to watching the game, especially if a player makes a great play or screws up spectacularly. That said, we do wonder what it’s going to look like the first time one of these things gets knocked off a player’s face.