The Founder Of Firefox Penned His Own Fantastic Episode Of HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’

One of the things that makes HBO’s Silicon Valley work so well as a series is the show’s depiction of the how cringe-worthy and kooky the tech industry has pretty much become. For anyone who has worked in a startup environment, Mike Judge’s series does a very good job at holding up a mirror to our faces to show us how silly we really are.

While the show just ended its second season a couple months back, the ongoing story of Pied Piper and their successes, and failures, and failures, seems to still be fresh in some people’s minds. One of them just happens to be Blake Ross, the founder of popular web browser Firefox. As one of the many young faces who has grown up in Northern California’s tech world, Ross decided to take it upon himself to write his own special episode of the series, which — as he wrote on Facebook — picks up where season two left off.

Ross said in an interview with TechCrunch, that this was his first time attempting to write anything TV-related. By the looks of the sample pages below, he may have a job to fall back on, you know, if this Internet thing doesn’t work out.

Ross has posted the entire script for his episode HERE. Hopefully this will keep the fans appeased as Silicon Valley won’t be returning to HBO with new episodes until April of next year.

(Via TechCrunch)