Guess What Raunchy Millennials Are Using Snapchat Spectacles For

Snapchat will never admit it, but part of the appeal of the self-destructing message service is that it serves as a condom for cyber-sexuality. After all, if you text somebody a nude, it might escape to the internet, but Snapchat supposedly destroys it (except not really). And now that Snapchat is selling a camera you can mount to your face to record video, you get one guess what the hornier Snapchatters are up to.

If you guessed “making short sex tapes,” you’re right. A Mashable article asked a bunch of people how they used Spectacles in their sex lives and, well, it went about as well as you might expect:

“I liked my point of view instead of a side table, because it feels more authentic. I was there, and this is what I’m seeing, and I remember what I was feeling when I re-watch the videos.”

We’d like to point out that this was exactly what they did in underrated ’90s cult movie Strange Days. Unsurprisingly, using a face-mounted camera to record your o-face got mixed reviews, because pausing to hit “record” is rarely an erotic moment for anybody. Maybe VCR fetishists? Are there VCR fetishists? There has to be at least one.

Anyway, this isn’t the first time face-mounted cameras have been used to record the two-backed beast. Google Glass, when it first came out, had an app called Sex With Glass that would let two people having sex watch the act from each other’s perspective. That was also a bit in Strange Days, come to think of it. Look, we’re just going to put it on the table here, when James Cameron has predicted how you act in the bedroom, it’s really time to reconsider a few life choices.

(Via BroBible)