Watch A Very Brave Bill Nye Explain Why ‘Star Trek’ Is Better Than ‘Star Wars’

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the world’s two favorite popular science guys are solidly on Team Trekkie. Neil deGrasse Tyson recently weighed in on why the Starship Enterprise is better than the Millennium Falcon, and now Bill Nye is wading into the age-old Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate. Things get off to a rolling start with Nye declaring, “Some of my best friends like Star Wars, don’t get me wrong,” before delving into why his friends are wrong, wrong, wrong. Nye can barely contain his contempt as he compares the magic and Shakespearean drama-filled world of Star Wars to the utopian, science-based Star Trek, but again, don’t worry, Nye has a ton of friends who like that Star Wars stuff. Just, uh, don’t ask him to name them.

I’ll admit, I’m a mild Star Trek partisan, so it’s always fun to see somebody with some credibility stick it to Star Wars. But hey, there’s room in my heart for two sci-fi space operas. Also, I totally have a lot of friends who like Star Wars. Totally.

(via Rolling Stone)