Another ‘Missing’ Steve Jobs Speech Has Surfaced, And It’s A Doozy


It seems like every few weeks since he died, some mysterious “lost” Steve Jobs speech or interview pops up, to the point where when this one passed across my radar today, I thought it was one of the ones I’d already seen. It’s all so damn confusing.

Anyway, this one was delivered in June of 1983 at an event called the International Design Conference in Aspen (IDCA) was found on a cassette tape. In the speech, Jobs basically predicts the future of personal computing accurately — particularly tablet technology and the ability to compute wirelessly.

“We are putting a lot of computers out that are made to be used in a standalone mode, one person, one computer. But it isn’t very long before you’re going to get a community of users that want to hook them all together. Because ultimately, computers are going to be a tool for communication…Apple’s strategy is really simple. What we want to do is we want to put an incredibly great computer in a book that you can carry around with you and learn how to use in 20 minutes. That’s what we want to do and we want to do it this decade. And we really want to do it with a radio link in it so you don’t have t hook up to anything and you’re in communication with all of these larger databases and other computers.”

You can listen to the whole thing below. It’s kind of fascinating.

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(Via Short Form Blog)

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