Switzerland’s Pro-Piracy Stance Means It’s On A Congressional Watchlist

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09.28.12 10 Comments

Hey, it’s been a while since we’ve seen what the United States government has been doing about piracy. What’s been going on with that?

… the Congressional International Anti-Piracy Caucus… has added Switzerland to its “bad countries” list along with China, Russia and Ukraine. Italy also joined Switzerland as a “first-timer” on the list — despite rulings that required ISPs to block access to various file sharing sites.

Oh, in other words, it’s completely insane and ridiculous as usual. Nice to see Hollywood doesn’t change.

So, what, precisely, got Switzerland on the list of “bad countries”? Crappy knife manufacturing policies? Not hiding the Senate’s illicit millions?

No, it was producing an honest analysis of piracy.

You might remember that in December of last year, Switzerland released a report that we boiled down as “roll with the punches.”

Switzerland did an analysis and found that pirates didn’t spend less money, that smaller bands benefitted from piracy, and that basically Hollywood’s stance that torrents were killing them was essentially full of crap.

As this makes Hollywood sad, it means a political neutral country is being treated as the same type of country as China, which pretty much views any copyright that isn’t Chinese as fair game. Mature!

Thanks to the Surly Badger for the tip!

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