SXSW Gets Invaded By A New Stun Gun Drone That Will Control Our Nightmarish Future

It would seem that Chaotic Moon studios wants to strike fear into the hearts of criminals and citizens everywhere. Popular Science stopped by the Chaotic Moon studios during SXSW to see the group demonstrate their stun gun packing drone and the video above is the outcome. From Popular Science:

The gentleman here is an intern named Jackson, who is the most fearless person I have ever encountered. He got stunned like a pro.

The drone, Chaotic Moon says, could be used to incapacitate criminals. It’s menacing enough already, but maybe we could put a police siren on it one day, just to get the full effect.

A police siren AND that buzzing. What a combination! Not only is it annoying, but the lack of humanity involved would be frightening. And with the approval for commercial drones gaining traction, we might see these flying around and replacing security guards all over the place. It’s going to make shoplifting a pain in the ass and I might actually have to start paying for Chapstick.

I will say this, Jackson the Intern took the stun gun shot like a pro. In the spectrum of stun gun shots, Jackson is somewhere between “I’ll get you b*tch” and Rick Sanchez from CNN. So kudos to you, fearless intern!

(Via Popular Science / Chaotic Moon)