Would You Get A Random Strangers’ Face Tattooed On Your Ass? This Guy Did.

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09.06.13 2 Comments

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Yes, believe it or not, someone did. And you know, this might just be taking “selfless portraits” a little too far.

This needs some context: Selfless Portraits is a hilarious website where you can draw a total stranger’s Facebook photo and have the results posted next to it. Some of the results are trolling, of course, but the rest are sincere if sometimes taking a little jab at the subject’s pomposity. You can even spot a professional artist at work if you know their style. It’s a neat way to waste some time on the Internet.

Of course, there is no waste of time on the Internet that cannot be taken too seriously. And this video will leave you wondering whether this is a brilliant satire of navel-gazing Internet start-ups and “collaborative art projects”, or if this guy seriously thinks getting a tattoo on his ass will help change the world. Specifically, a tattoo of this guy on his ass…

NSFW due to, well, lots and lots of man ass.

So, yeah, this guy has a drawing of a total stranger from another country tattooed on his ass. So, do you think the subject will be happy when the Internet inevitably finds him and tells him some random American guy has a picture of him on the banks of his alimentary canal?

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