The US Military Now Has A Direction Changing, Remote-Controlled Bullet

Well folks, if it wasn’t confirmed before, it definitely is now – we’re officially living in a video game. Why? Because the US Department of Defense has successfully tested a bullet that can change its course after being fired. Even better, that course can actually be directed via remote control.

The bullet, which is called the Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordinance Weapon or EXACTO (yes, the Pentagon is run by man children) is equipped with tiny fins that can re-direct its path. Here’s a brief video of bullet in action…

Basically what you saw above was somebody intentionally mis-aiming their shot and then re-directing the bullet to hit the target (or at least closer to the target). Obviously this tech could be hugely helpful for snipers, but more importantly it should provide some good inspiration for the next Max Payne game.

Via The Independent