Think ‘Flappy Bird’ Is Hard? This Chinese Robot Says Otherwise.

One of the oddities of the success of Flappy Bird (and it’s many, many clones) is how frustrating the game is — how many of you reading have racked up more than, say, 15 points before giving up in disgust? Liars! But maybe Flappy Bird just wasn’t intended for human hands.

Well, a couple guys from China went and created a perfect Flappy Bird badass out of spare parts. The robot reads the game with regular webcam then taps out the appropriate number of taps using an arm made from an old hard drive. It’s pretty ingenious, and might just mark the first time Flappy Bird has led to somebody doing something clever and productive…

Really, we should probably cool it on forcing robots to play Flappy Bird all day. We don’t want to set off the machine uprising any sooner than we have to.

via Kotaku