This Baby Tortoise’s LEGO Wheelchair May Actually Make Your Heart Explode

Just look at the swag on this tortoise. 

Okay guys, fair warning, I actually own a tortoise that looks very much like the little guy above, so I may get a little overly enthusiastic about this story. That said, this is the best story in the history of the damn universe.

Blade the tortoise had a growth defect that left his legs too weak to hold up his body. Thankfully vet and all-round hero Dr. Carsten Plischke managed to rig up a solution using crazy glue and some spare LEGO parts, because there’s nothing LEGO can’t do. Now Blade is on top of his game, stomping around like a champ and laying waste to all lettuce in his path.

Here’s a video of Blade in action (warning, also involves stern-looking German people).

Here’s a GIF you should bookmark for whenever you start to feel a little down.

Is it weird that I want to glue LEGO to my tortoise now, even though he doesn’t have any problems?

Via Pixable