Tinder Is Coming To Apple TV, So No One Is Safe Anymore

Faced with a torrent of dating apps, Tinder has been trying to innovate itself back to the top. Whether it be group-swiping, making your GIF game the best, or inflicting your taste in music on strangers, they app’s doing what it can to stand out from other services hoping to push society to the point where you order a hook-up like a pizza. And apparently this brave future involves the Apple TV.

Why, precisely, you’d want your swipes visible for all to see on your TV is an open question, one Tinder even jokes about in one of their ads; but Tinder has made it clear that it really is just for swiping. You’ll need an active Tinder account and won’t be able to make any edits, just swipe left or right. Hopefully it also has strong protections, because otherwise, Tinderjacking will become the domain of the everyday man instead of stand-up comedians.

Joking aside, the appeal of a mobile app, beyond portability, is also privacy, which kind of goes out the window when you’re looking at profiles in 4K in your living room (possibly with your family right there). If nothing else, though, it’s an amusing novelty, and in an industry where amusing novelty is important, that might be enough.

(Via Mashable)