A Hacker Snuck His Anti-Trump Dance Track Onto Trump’s Twitter

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Why, you might ask yourself, would Trump tweet out the above video? A plinky video mocking his alleged infidelities and unusual tastes doesn’t seem like something Trump has the sense of humor to embrace. Yet, it’s in his Twitter feed, along with a My Little Pony fandom video. Why? Because Trump’s Twitter feed is a mess of dead links, and that might become a serious problem.

How did this happen? Trump tweets out links from tiny sites and unreliable sources constantly, and over time, these sites go out of business and their domains go up for sale. According to the Verge, Inti De Ceukelaire, a Belgian hacker annoyed that Trump described Brussells as a “hell hole,” got his revenge by finding every link Trump tweeted, locating the ones that had expired, and buying them to shove videos onto Trump’s Twitter feed.

And, granted, it’s hilarious. That said, Ceukelaire points out this could be an outright security risk. Many links in Trump’s feed are set to expire over the next four years, and they could easily be bought and used for malicious purposes. Furthermore, it’s fairly simple to do. There are many reasons Trump should give up his Twitter feed, and this is just another to add to the list.

(via The Verge)

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