Hackers Got Their Hands On Personal Data For 50,000 Uber Drivers

Houston Uber 90 feet
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From one of many alleged sexual assaults to an egregiously large price surge during the Sydney hostage crisis, Uber didn’t really have the best year in 2014. Now it seems the mobile-app-based transportation company’s private database was breached by an “unauthorized third party,” too. According to the company’s official statement, customer data is not at risk. Drivers, however, are another matter:

A small percentage of current and former Uber driver partner names and driver’s license numbers were contained in the database. Immediately upon discovery we changed the access protocols for the database, removing the possibility of unauthorized access. We are notifying impacted drivers, but we have not received any reports of actual misuse of information as a result of this incident.

Among the specifics, Uber techs discovered the breach on September 17 — a full four months after the hack itself on May 13. No other intrusions were made, and nothing negative has befallen any of the possibly affected drivers so far. Even so, Uber’s investigation is ongoing.

(Via Uber)