Uber Will Deliver Cuddly Kittens To Your Door Today

Live in New York, San Francisco, or Seattle? Use Uber? Now would be the time to fire it up; until 4pm today, Uber will be driving kittens directly to you.

To promote National Cat Day, Uber has hatched an ingenious marketing stunt. Just open the app and select the “KITTENS!” option. Yes, it’s called “KITTENS!”

If you can get a car (Uber expects high demand, so it might take a while), an Uber car will arrive with a cuddly, and adoptable, kitten and an animal shelter volunteer. You get fifteen minutes of kitten time, some cupcakes, and some stuff with Uber branding on it. It costs $20, which goes straight to animal shelters.

Pretty much everybody wins, here: Animal shelters get money, which they pretty much always need; the kittens get socialized and quite possibly adopted; Uber gets a boatload of publicity; and everyone else gets snuggles. It’s also a discreet test run of Uber being more than a taxi service; the company has hinted it will experiment with essentially being an Internet concierge in the near future.

But why be cynical? Go get some kittens, and if you happen to get some kitten time, let us know.

(Image courtesy of pinguino on Flickr)

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