Warning: This Video May Cause You Extreme Pain As It Completely Blows Your Damn Mind

12.24.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

I’m just going to lay it out for you as straight as I can right here and now. The headline above is misleading. This whole video is misleading. Sure you might experience extreme pain from this video by CGP Grey, but I doubt it is going to literally blow your mind into a dozen pieces and ruin your holiday festivities.

But what this video will do is make you think a bit during this period of familial fraternizing. It might make you realize that there is more to what ails us than would meet the eyes or thousands of dollars of medical tests.

Welcome the world of the “nocebo effect.” If you’re familiar with a placebo, you may have heard of such things and don’t need a silly YouTube video explaining things to you. Otherwise, click play. It can’t hurt that much. Any more information and I’d be spoiling it.

Are hypersounds real? Is this video telling the truth? Does Tasty Wheat taste like steak or is it just Tasty Wheat? Can we really believe anything we’re being told or should we proceed with a cautionary glare to all sides? With the rash of recent hoaxes online, it’s hard to believe anything you read, watch, feel, and touch. So who do you trust? Me or a silly video?

Will this video cause you extreme pain? Only if you believe it has the power to do so, like Freddy Kruger or Biggie Smalls.

(Via CGP Grey)

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