The Wannacrypt Ransomware Attack Was So Severe, Microsoft Had To Offer A Patch For Windows XP

05.13.17 10 months ago


Microsoft stopped offering extended support for Windows XP back in 2014, closing the door on their end of one of the most widely used and popular operating systems in the world. On Friday, they had to dust off the keys and open that door one more time thanks to the Wannacrypt ransomware attack.

Wannacrypt or Wanna Cry struck at least 16 hospitals in the U.K. and spread to other systems around the globe on Friday, with Russia being the hardest hit. Most of this is thanks to tools reportedly created by the NSA and released by Shadow Brokers on April 14th, taking advantage of a file-sharing vulnerability in Windows that had been patched back in March according to Krebs On Security. The problem is that many systems running older versions of Windows did not receive that patch, leading to the issues we saw play out yesterday.

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