Watch People Hilariously Lose A Staring Contest For A Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a very nice phone. And one of its key features is the ability to detect when you’re looking at it. A Swiss mobile company, creatively named Swisscom, decided to show this feature off while trolling random suckers at a train station using a good old-fashioned staring contest.

The setup was simple: They put a kiosk in a train station, and all you had to do was look at the phone for an hour. Blinking was allowed, but you absolutely could not look away from the phone. Easy, right? Sure, unless said mobile provider decided to relentlessy screw with you:

We don’t want to ruin the whole video except to say we wish the raw video of the various attempts was available. It’s fairly clear a ton of work went into coordinating all the ridiculous stunts and gags they throw at the unwitting victims, and a lot of it is stuff we kind of wish would happen on our morning commute.

Stick around at least long enough to see the guy screaming at the arguing couple without looking at them. Being annoyed at tourists is somehow even funnier in German.