A Woman Walked Right Off Of A Pier Because She Was Engrossed In Facebook On Her Phone

Christmas is here early for cable news “opinion makers”: A young woman visiting Australia fell into the ocean because she was too caught up in her Facebook. Cue the old people whining about kids these days and how self-involved they are, and why can’t they get high and pretend to care about social issues like their grandparents did back in the day?

Leaving aside how Fox News will inevitably cover it, the facts in the case are pretty straightforward. And actually, you kind of feel bad for the woman when you find out how she reacted to her problem, according to The Age:

“She had a mobile phone in one of her hands and when we brought her onboard one of the first things she did was apologise and say sorry,” Senior Constable Kelly said. “She explained that she was on her phone checking her Facebook page when she fell into the water.”

Hey, at least she had the decency to apologize for inconveniencing everyone. This actually could have been a tragedy; apparently the woman was not a good swimmer and was only staying buoyant because she was wearing a backpack. If she’d been in the water for too long, she might have suffered some pretty serious injury.

But, fortunately, somebody saw her fall in, and the most she’ll experience is a little shame and the pain of having to buy a new phone. Also, she’s in Australia, so she probably won’t see Bill O’Reilly making fun of her, which is a bonus.