10 Current TV Shows With Opening Credit Sequences That You Just Can’t Skip Over

04.04.14 5 years ago 121 Comments
As with most things in life, we often skip over TV show opening credits to get to the good stuff. If you marathon a show on your laptop, most of the time you’re going to skip over the opening credits because you’ve seen it so many times that it’s just in the way of getting to your show. But then there are the opening credits that are so awesome that you need to watch them just to put you in the mindset for the rest of the show. So, with that, here are the top ten current TV show opening credits that you can’t skip over.


I can’t even think of a time where I watched Justified and skipped over the opening credits. It has everything you could want. Timothy Olyphant silhouetted in a mysterious and dangerous environment as that heart beat like drum blends into a twangy guitar.


The weird thing about Game of Thrones is that not only can you not skip the opening credits, you know the feeling of watching a new episode’s opening credits versus a repeats opening credits. Each opening is a little different to represent each location that is featured with the episode, but the music feels different when it’s new. A new episodes booming opening after the HBO sequence gives me nothing but chills. Also, I’m sure I’m not the only one here who makes up their own lyrics or hums along as it plays, right?


The opening to Parks and Rec is silly, fun, and hard to skip over. The music is just so enjoyable and the glimpses of all the main characters summarizing how they act is perfect. Andy Dwyer is my spirit animal.


This show is so underrated. It is a lawyer show, yes, but it spends most of the time outside of the courtroom trying to make deals It also has when of the best looking opening credits on television. Greenback Boogie By Ima Robot was a fantastic choice for theme music.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine is my new favorite comedy. I can’t tell you how many times I have this show on repeat throughout the day. Is the theme song to this show my ringtone? Yes, it is. Every time the show starts and cuts to the opening, it’s perfect. Seriously, say something clever and then hit play on the video. Even if it’s not funny, I’ll still giggle.

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