Let’s Celebrate Rashida Jones’ Birthday With The 10 Definitive Ann Perkins GIFs

Editorial Director
02.25.13 26 Comments

Today the lovely and talented beautiful tropical fish Rashida Jones celebrates her birthday. And like I always say, there’s no better excuse to put together a succinct GIF collection than a birthday excuse. She often goes overlooked with all the Ron Swansons and Andy Dwyers and April Ludgates in the picture, but Jones’ Ann Perkins has been a marvelous key player in a marvelous season of the only thing NBC currently has going for it. Even if she is terrible at metaphors. So let’s take a moment to acknowledge that Rashida Jones learned to be funny despite having nothing to compensate for with ten definitive Ann Perkins GIFs.

Disclaimer: This collection is in no way definitive.


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