If 10 TV Shows Were Renamed After Their Highly Specific IMDb Keywords

One of the joys of watching a truly terrible horror movie is looking at the film’s IMDb page after you’ve fast-forwarded through all the scenes that don’t involve blood or boobs. I haven’t checedk, but I’m 900% sure there’s a “plot keyword” on the movie database site for “vampire zombie orgy,” or “wooden stake through butt,” or “killer with traumatic past involving corgis with clown makeup on” (I pray that last one’s true).

Because IMDb’s plot keywords are the best, I decided to rename 10 shows after the same corner of the Internet that gave us “dead dog,” “abandoned gasoline station,” and “female nudity” for one movie.


Breaking Bad


Game of Thrones

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Mad Men

Orange Is the New Black

Parks and Recreation

The Wire

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