The 10 Most Viral Clips From ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’

I’m excited to have new blood on The Tonight Show, but it feels like Jimmy Fallon’s stay on Late Night is ending in the middle of its prime. I loved the show when Conan was hosting, and while I did not doubt Fallon’s talent, I was curious to see how he would differentiate himself from Late Night’s previous hosts.

Jimmy and The Roots didn’t waste any time and immediately let the other networks know their show would be a comedy force to be reckoned with, outperforming competitor Craig Ferguson in the first week.

In celebration of Jimmy Fallon’s new chapter in late night television, I’ve gathered his most viral clips from his run on Late Night. Don’t let us down, Seth Meyers.

Joking Bad: You don’t get to make fun of Heisenberg without the repercussions. Bryan Cranston may be an Emmy-winning actor, but he will come to your show and hurl a pizza at you if your monologue sucks. The sketch was Late Night’s longest with a 13 minute running time, but also one of Jimmy’s best.

#Hashtag With Justin Timberlake: Tweeter-speak just sounds dumb, and I’m pretty sure we all know this, but just continue to play along. Thankfully Justin Timberlake and Jimmy showed us just how dumb we all sound with Late Night’s most popular video that racked up an impressive 21,000,000 views. #Thankyou #ManyLOLs

Lip Sync Battle With Joseph Gordon Levitt and Stephen Merchant: Jimmy’s lip sync battle with John Krasinski set the bar high, but Joseph Gordon Levitt took it to another level with “Tiny Dancer” and Nicki Minaj. Damn, you, JGL, must you be so f*cking talented?!

Evolution Of Mom Dancing With Michelle Obama: Somewhere right now, there is a mom with her jeans pulled up high, wearing a cardigan and doing the “happy snapper.”

Barack Obama Slow Jams The News: Bill Clinton was one of the first U.S. President’s to make appearing on late night talk shows a regular thing, but simply doing a couch time isn’t enough anymore. To be a politician with any chance of winning over the internet, you’ve now got to slow jam the news with Mr. Fallon.

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Real People, Fake Arms: For the finest in Lance Bass suits, turn to Steve Carrell and his balsa wood arms.

Full House Reunion: The men of Full House reunited to bring comfort to Jimmy when he was nervous about taking over The Tonight Show, and of course worked in an Elvis a cappella and Popeye impression. The only thing missing from the trip down 90s nostalgia lane was a cameo by Kimmy Gibbler.

Ew With Channing Tatum: Jimmy and Channing Tatum are fine in the sketch, but something about A.D. Miles as step-dad Gary is especially hilarious. If there’s ever a live-action version of The Simpsons, Miles is a shoo-in for Ned Flanders.

Tight Pants: Jimmy Fallon’s name might be in the show’s title, but Will Ferrell has a monopoly on who’s allowed to wear tight pants. “Don’t wake the snake!”

Jimmy And Ice-T Test The PS4: And this is how Ice-T got the PS4 before everybody else.