Horny 100-Year-Old Grandma Asks Reporter Interviewing Her, ‘How’s Your Dick Hanging?’

It’s as hot as an insanity pepper today, meaning it’s the PERFECT day to watch footage of a 100-year-old woman repeatedly say the word “dick” to an amused reporter during an interview. This brings up an important question: at what age is it acceptable to stop giving any/all f*cks? By that, I’m not talking about the people who run to the bodega for milk in their sweatpants and mustard-stained Los Angeles Rams t-shirts; no, I mean those who swear, drink, spit, and smoke whenever/wherever they want, and it’s always amusing, never depressing (Florida residents excluded).

I hope it’s 26 years old, ’cause I’ve got a barrel of c*nt punts I’ve been waiting to unleash on GMA.

(Via Bob’s Blitz)