11 Reasons ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Norman Reedus Is The Biggest Badass On The Planet

We talk about The Walking Dead here at UPROXX a lot, and Daryl Dixon is the obvious fan favorite. But we don’t talk about the actor who plays him, Norman Reedus, enough. Going through The Walking Dead images every week for the recaps, I’ve drawn an inescapable conclusion about the guy: He’s a true American bad ass. He’s funny. He’s well liked. He’s friendly, and he’s got a great head on his shoulders. He’s come a long ways since his days as a fashion model, the co-lead in The Boondock Saints, and as a music video actor (did you know he’s in Radiohead’s Fake Plastic Trees video and, more recently, a Lady Gaga video?). Dude’s just an all around fantastic guy, and I think we should take a moment to show our appreciation for a guy that just straight up rocks. Here’s 11 photographic reasons why Norman Reedus the biggest bad ass on the planet.

1. He’s Hilarious on the Set

2. He’s Great with Fans

3. He Chills with Zombies

4. He Truly Appreciates His Special Effects Supervisor, Greg Nicotero

5. He Wears Awesome Slippers

6. What Other Dude (Besides Eddie Izzard) Could Pull Off a Tutu Yet NO ONE Would Question His Sexuality?

7. He’s the Only Bad Ass On Television with a Hello Kitty Obsession

8. He Likes Real Kitties, Too

9. He’s Also a Dog Lover. You Can Always Trust a Dog Lover

10. He’s Great Role Model. He’s Great with Kids. Only a Guy as Cool As Him Would Name His Kid Mingus Reedus

11. He’d Be a Great King. In fact, He’d Look Great on the Iron Throne