111 Million People Saw This

02.08.11 14 Comments

The Super Bowl ratings are in, and good news, America… WE DID IT! Confuse me with numbers, THR:

Super Bowl XLV Sunday night on Fox had a 47.9 metered market rating, tying with the 1987 Super Bowl as the highest rated ever in the metered markets, according to preliminary ratings from Fox Sports.

Wait, tying the 1987 Super Bowl? Tying. That’s like kissing your sister, or sticking your large hands in your boyfriend’s mouth to feed him popcorn as 100 million people watch in horror. Or something. And, look, I know “metered market” is an important TV term, but it’s not something Joe Sixpack-of-Miller-Light-Drinkers-Who-Order-Miller-Light-Because-The-TV-Says-Other-Beers-Are-For-Homosexuals like me can wrap our heads around. Spoon feed me, TV Squad:

Not only is Super Bowl XLV the most watched game ever, but it is the most-watched program in TV history.

More than 111 million viewers tuned in to see the Green Bay Packers go up against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

(*streamers fall from ceiling of apartment*) WHOO-HOO! USA! USA! USA!

It’s not all super fantastic news on the ratings, though. The post Super Bowl broadcast of “Glee” pulled in 26.8 million viewers, good for the show’s best ratings ever, but a 31 percent drop off from last year’s showing of “Undercover Boss.” It’s almost like airing a show totally at odds with the typical football, dudebrahbrodude demo right after the biggest football game of the year isn’t a good idea. I know, I’m shocked too.

Maybe next year they’ll listen to me and air my new reality show where flat-chested women compete in a billiards tournament, with the winner receiving free breast implants. I call it, “Rack ‘Em.”

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