Take Your Muppet Fandom To Another Level With These Surprising Facts

Features Writer
05.27.15 8 Comments


“It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights”…. As you probably know by now, ABC has commissioned a new show starring The Muppets, America’s favorite gaggle of weirdos. Despite a history of children’s films and family friendly entertainment, this new show is apparently aimed at adults… who, like myself, grew up on all things muppet and Jim Henson. While the new version may have some doubters, there’s ample reason to remain optimistic. Namely the 60 years of rich Muppet history created by Henson, his team, and those that have followed: a group of people who have demonstrated that these characters have an enduring appeal. In honor of that appeal, here are a few interesting facts about the Muppets that you may not know.

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